Introducing Davey, a scruffy second-generation kid of Korean ancestry.  The youngest born into a family of ten with four brothers and five sisters in St. Louis, Missouri on September 8, 1939. St. Louis at that time was a segregated city concerning blacks and whites for sure, but where did Asians fit in or belong? 


Davey’s family was that rare Asian family who somehow found themselves living in the Midwestern part of the United States of America. In spite of this geographical oddity, Davey had a rich childhood, not in monetary terms by any means, but was provided with the basic necessities of food, shelter and love by his hardworking parents. They worked from sunup to sunset running the family restaurant.


Because they were away most of the time, Davey and his brothers and sisters were pretty much left to their own devices and imaginations to get through their formative years. That isn’t to say that they were neglected, just independently self sufficient. 


Luckily, they all lived in a once elegant but kind of spooky three-story house with a huge yard where Davey could let his already fertile imagination soar and develop.


At an early age he had an experience which would guide and chart his course for the rest of his life. Here then is his story beginning with that experience which he calls Zapped!

 Excerpt from Davey Biography